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"EnvironFoam Homes" (EFH)

Environfoam Homes for emergency housing
Above: Demo size: 8' x 8' x 8'

View Demo size: 24' x 24' x 8'

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As a camper, you want to have a barrier between you and hungry bears.  As a hiker, you want to rest your sore soles in non-infested shelters.  In the winter, you want to fish from floating, insulated snow house.  You escape from fire, war, hurricane, flood and find environfoam homes heaven on earth.

"EnvironFoam Homes" (EFH)
restore dignity to homeless, provide a solution to an unprecedented demand for houses and shelters resulted from natural disasters (hurricanes, tsunamis) and population displacement.

Available sizes:
8' x 12' x 8',  8' x 24' x 8
and  24' x 24'  x 8'
Details on :

-  Emergency Preparedness Center

- EnvironFoam home - Shell only

- EnvironFoam home - with options

EnvironFoam Home(EFH) shells consist of panel building systems shipped to the construction site or disaster areas in a unique folding accordion complete package for quick delivery and set up procedures. The structural panels prefabricated to strict tolerances ensure fast accurate assembly at the job site. The shock absorbing thermal resistance panels with walls of 4 1/2” thickness by 4' wide and 8' high panel weigh approximately 90 lbs. The complete home includes walls, floors, roof panels and roof trusses made of the same plastic composite material throughout its structure.  A team of three unskilled people completes assembling a home in 90 minutes.

Email to request a brochure of an EnvironFoam Home, call 301-283-2110.

Sneak Preview of EFH Demo

Emergency Preparedness Center (EPC)

Building/Warehouse Size50,000 to 100,000 Sq. Ft.

Location:  Metro areas in most cities

Building Features:  Environfoam homes/Quick Buildings
  •     400 units of  8' x 12' Studio homes
  •     Composting  Toilet
  •     Solar  Power/Propane Light
  •     Folding Table with chairs
  •     Sofa Bed with full size mattress
  •     Day Bed/ Bunk Bed
  •     Kitchenette/Sink
  •     Camp Stove/Electric Stove
  •     Refrigerator
  •     Small Shower
  •     Storage Area
Building Services
  •     Security Service
  •     Medical Care
  •     Restaurant
  •     Legal Service
  •     Insurance
    Price:   Call 301-283-2110 for current price

Environfoam Panel Home - Shell Only
Size, Features
All sizes come with
Steel Frame
Wholesale Price
Call 301-283-2110 for current price
24' x 24'

2 bedroom, bathroom walls only

3 (30" x 36") windows

1 front door

2 interior doors

8' x 24'

1 bedroom, bathroom walls only
2 (30" x 36") windows
3 doors

8' x 12'

Bathroom walls only

1 window

2 doors

Shipping: F.O.B from manufacturing plants or onsite.

Environfoam Panel Home - with options
Bathroom Fixtures:
A.    Shower
B.    Vanity & Sink
C.    Mirror with shelves
D.    Toilet stool
30 Gallon hot water heater (Gas or Electric)
Kitchen sink with cabinet
20" Gas range with oven
18' cu. ft. refrigerator
Heat and Air Conditioner
Electric Hookup:  100AMP

Call for whole sale price options.

24' x 24' Storm Emergency Relief
Storm Emergency Housing Relief  24' x 24' x 8' outside and inside views

Storm Emergency Housing Relief

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