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Press Release - June 2005


Hurricane Season: Meet Hurricane Storm Boards and EnvironFoam Homes from Design Recycle Inc. (DRI)

DRI Hurricane Storm Boards and Shutters passed the impact tests imposed by the Florida High Hurricane Zone Building code. EnvironFoam Homes, DRI featured  product at the MIT Enterprise Forum of Washington and Baltimore in March 2005, begin shipping free DVD Demo.

Upper Marlboro, MD (PRWEB) June 28, 2005 -- Like wine, Hurricane Storm Boards (HSB) and Hurricane Storm Shutters (HSS) age well. Unlike plywood, they last for  50 years. Unlike aluminum panels, they handle safely and cost much less. They can sustain repeated onslaughts of heavy rains and storms. They passed the Large
Missile Impact Test and Cyclic Load Test conducted by Hurricane Test Lab and met the requirements of the Florida High Velocity Hurricane Zone Building code.

Made from recycled plastics, HSB and HSS replace plywood used in emergency board up on homes and commercial buildings. Hurricane Storm Boards come in four sizes; Hurricane Storm Shutters come in flat and curved panels, ready to protect your properties against estimated 35 hurricane days this year, versus average 24.5 hurricane days.

The Hurricane Storm Board structure led to the invention of EnvironFoam Homes, DRI featured product at the MIT Startup Lab presentation last March. DRI finalized the packaging of EnvironFoam Homes (EFH) and began distributing free DVD demos and taking orders.

EFH features include walls, floors, roofs of same plastic composite material, unit dimension 8 x 8 x 8, fold like cardboard box, fit in a shipping container, weather proof, pest proof, shock absorbent, reusable, affordable, 20 years life, and three unskilled workers can set up one home in 90 minutes. See more at

Unlike tents, EFH or Quick Buildings restore dignity to the homeless, victims of earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, fighting and fire. After surveying the South Asia areas affected by tsunamis last December, President Clinton commented "they (victims) cannot live in tents forever".  EFH present a practical solution to tent relief. EFH, made from infestation-proof materials, can be used to store new tents, medicines, water and food, and fit in the business plan for disaster relief advocated by the Business Roundtable, an association of the chief executives of 160 U.S. corporations.

About Design Recycle Inc.

 Design Recycle Inc specializes in the manufacturing of numerous "green products" made from recycled materials, including utility poles ("Thermo Poles"), landscape timber, playground surfaces, Hurricane Storm Boards, EnvironFoam Homes and various affordable housing systems.

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